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Hirak : An Al Hoceima court acquits a Belgian-Moroccan

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Al Hoceima’s Appeal Court acquitted, Tuesday, Mohamed El Ahmadi, a Belgian-Moroccan Hirak activist, his lawyers told Spanish news agency EFE.

El Ahmadi's lawyer Abdelmajid Azeriah recalled that he had been charged «calling for an unauthorized assembly, incitement to disobedience» and «insulting an official».

On November 9, 2019, Mohamed El Ahmadi was arrested by the Moroccan police upon his arrival at Al Hoceima airport. He was later brought before the Prosecutor's Office and charged in provisional release.

He had not returned to the country since July 2017, when he participated in the last Hirak protest.

EFE recalls that for a long time, several Hirak sympathizers and activists based in European countries (Netherlands, France, Belgium, Spain, Germany…) said that they fear returning to Morocco, citing arrest.

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