Islamists prevent a Moroccan writer from hosting a conference in Melilla

Moroccan writer Zoubida Boughaba Maaleem. / DR
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The Islamic Commission of Melilla (CIM) has pressured the local government of the autonomous city into canceling a conference by Moroccan feminist, activist and writer Zoubida Boughaba Maaleem. The conference in question was scheduled for Monday, January 13, and was meant to celebrate the Amazigh New Year.

«She is a person with many Islamophobic statements. She claims that the Hijab oppresses Muslim women, degrades them and makes them invisible», wrote Mohamed Ahmed Moh, president of CIM, in a letter sent to the Melilla’s Culture Council.

The Al Hoceima-native writer refuted the accusations brought against her. «Our freedom of speech is being violated», said Zoubida Boughaba. She said she was surprised that in Morocco she had this freedom and not in Melilla.

The Islamic Commission of Melilla is the legitimate representative organ of Islam and Muslims before the citizenship and the Administration for the representation, negotiation, signature and follow-up on the Islam in the city.

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