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Slammed by the UN for Guerguerat, the Polisario prefers to criticize Morocco

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The Polisario Front criticized Morocco on Monday, accusing it of «challenging» the international community. Its reaction comes shortly after the United Nations warned against blocking traffic at the border crossing of Guerguerat, during the 12th edition of the Africa Eco Race.

In a statement relayed by its press agency, the separatist movement reproached Morocco for its attempts to «perpetuate the illegal occupation of the Sahara», by «involving other international parties without taking into account international decisions».

For the record, despite the threats of the Polisario Front, drivers participating to the 12th edition of the Africa Eco Race, an annual rally raid organized in North Africa, have safely crossed the Guerguerat stage, organizers told Yabiladi on Monday

On Monday, while crossing Guerguerat, the sixth stage of the annual race, participants «stopped for a few minutes», before being able to enter Mauritania, organizers said. «Participants crossed safely after they spoke to people who were blocking the border crossing and protesting against the race», the same source added.

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