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To Ceuta’s president «it is shameful to let Morocco deal with the migration issue»

Juan Vivas, president of Ceuta. / DR
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«It is shameful to see that Spain entrusts Morocco with the mission of curbing the flow of migrants», Ceuta’s president Juan Vivas said.

Quoted by the Spanish news agency Europa Press, Vivas told reporters during a meeting that he «was supposed to have a relationship of friendship and good neighborliness with [Morocco]», adding that Spain cannot count on the Kingdom.

Moreover, the elected representative of the Spanish People's Party warned against the «extremely dangerous» economic situation of the autonomous city, stressing that it requires «the immediate intervention of the Spanish government».

«Neither Ceuta nor Spain can maintain the current situation at the border crossing, because the fragility of material and human resources is a shame for a country like Spain», he said, recalling that in August 2018, «Morocco closed the commercial customs office in Melilla and took a series of measures to harm the two autonomous cities».

The Spanish official also accused Morocco of «unilaterally breaking off trade and destroying Spain's efforts at the border crossing reserved for pedestrians and carriers».

Juan Vivas has assured that he will contact the central government to find immediate solutions, both for border crossing problem and the difficult situation, that Ceuta faces concerning the flow of unaccompanied foreign minors.

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