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Turkey arrests a Moroccan ISIS fighter at the request of Spain

A Moroccan-Spanish national who joined ISIS arrested in Turkey. / Ph. Bulent Kilic (AFP)
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The Spanish authorities have located a Spanish-Moroccan jihadist near the borders of Turkey and Syria. 28-year-old man, M.Q., was arrested in Turkey based on an international arrest warrant issued by the National Court at the request of the counterterrorism Spanish authorities, Ceuta Actualidad reported on Thursday.

After working for several years in the Balearic archipelago, M.Q. moved to another European country for professional reasons. There, he stayed until early 2017, before traveling to Turkey and then to Syria.

During the last period before joining the jihadists of ISIS, he went through a deep process of radicalization.

The Civil Guard considers that the detainee is an «obvious risk» to the security of Spain, having been trained ideologically and militarily and having taken part in combats.

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