A Melilla NGO denounces the expulsion of a Moroccan lesbian from a reception center

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A Melilla migrant association, Prodein, denounced, Monday, the expulsion of a young Moroccan lesbian from a migrant reception center, as well as the assaults she allegedly suffered after sleeping on the street, Spanish news agency Europa Press said.

The last assault she suffered was on Friday, January 17, when she was threatened and injured in the hand while trying to protect herself from someone who reportedly attempted to stab her in the chest.

«The young woman expelled from CETI de Melilla (...) is sleeping on the street, where she has been subjected to several assaults for not accepting sexual advances», Prodein’s president José Palazon told the same source.

The girl in question «has no guarantee that once deported to her country, she will not suffer serious consequences. CETI agents and the national police know this perfectly; the Civil Guard must also know», Palazon added.

Palazon said the young woman fled her home when she was 16, after her father wanted to marry her to a 50-year-old man. He also allegedly «locked her up to treat her from homosexuality».

After turning 18 years old, she entered Melilla to seek asylum in Spain because of her sexual orientation.

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