A Moroccan-Belgian inmate sends a postcard from Thailand to the prison he escaped in 2019

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The Turnhout prison in Belgium. / DR

After he escaped a Belgian prison in December 2019, Moroccan-Belgian inmate Oualid Sekkaki is believed to be in Asia, Belgian newspaper De Morgan wrote on Wednesday.

The news spread after Sekkaki sent a postcard, a few weeks after his prison break, to the Turnhout prison administration saying : «Greetings from Thailand». The package also included his prison badge.

On December 19, Oualid Sekkaki climbed the wall of the prison alongside other inmates. While others were arrested a few hours later, Sekkaki managed to flee the country.

According to the same source, the 26-year-old inmate escaped prison because he feared he would be extradited to Morocco.

For the record, Sekkaki is the young brother of the «King of Escape», Ashraf Sekkaki who fled the Bruges prison in 2009 via a helicopter, wrote Le Parisien.

Ashraf Sekkaki, who is currently held in Morocco, headed a drug trafficking network in Belgium with his brother Oualid.

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