Will the «Gloria» storm hit Morocco after Spain and France ?

Currently in Spain and France, a storm called «Gloria» has triggered red alerts for «extreme weather». The storm is expected to hit Morocco in the upcoming days but will likely result in fewer damage.

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The Gloria storm in Spain. / DR

A new storm is currently hitting southern Spain and is expected to reach parts of Morocco, the Washington Post wrote Tuesday. The storm named «Gloria» by the State Meteorological Agency of Spain has brought powerful winds, thunder snow and coastal flooding.

Expected to lessen by the weekend, the storm has caused «damage and disruption» across Spain. While it has led to harsh weather in southeastern Spain, with heavy snowfalls, the storm triggered red alerts in other parts of the country.

Unlike other storms, Gloria developed, last week, in northern Africa and is expected to influence the weather in Morocco. According to the Washington Post, «snow is even in the forecast for parts of Morocco as the system threatens westward».

Because of Gloria, the Kingdom’s High Atlas Mountains will be covered by «several inches of snow», which, according to the same source, will have «an additional 1 to 2 inches possible through Wednesday».

A storm in Morocco

While the storm has reached France and is expected to influence weather in Britain, in Morocco the consequences are less dangerous. On Wednesday, Housine Youaabed from the Directorate of national meteorology confirmed the forecasts and insisted that «Morocco is to witness a lesser dangerous weather». Only France and Spain are expected to witness extreme weather these days because of «Gloria», he added.

«Morocco is in the least dangerous zone of this storm. There is little rain today, and tomorrow there will be rain in the north, center and other regions, with snowfall in heights exceeding 1,600 meters above sea level».

Housine Youaabed

Housine Youaabed explains that Morocco is rather benefiting «positively» from this storm. «It will cause clouds and snowfall and bring rain», especially during this critical period for farmers. «The weather will continue to be cold in the coming days and the weather will remain the same until next Friday or Saturday», he concluded.

For the record, forecasters have declared Gloria deadly after it led to the death of three people in Spain and prevented students in several provinces from going to school. In France, the storm is believed to be the worst in the region since 1982.

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