Italy expels a Moroccan for condoning terrorism

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A 40-year-old Moroccan, who has been living with his wife and three children in Terni (near Rome) for 18 years, was expelled this week from Italy. His expulsion comes following a decision issued by the Italian Interior Ministry, La Nazione said.

The man was expelled, Tuesday, to Casablanca. Accused in particular of proselytizing with one of his children, the Moroccan reportedly introduced his family to ISIS’ ideology that he supported.

He was also very active on the Internet and used to view and download content related to radical Islam, «keeping texts of war songs that strengthen jihad».

«Although he resides in the city, with an indefinite residence permit, he has been unemployed for about a month», the same newspaper wrote, adding that the Moroccan would have gone to France to look for work.

Once he returned to Terni, the police revoked his residence permit and carried out the expulsion order.

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