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Maritime borders : The Polisario lashes out at Morocco and Spain

Mhammed Khadad. / DR
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Shortly after Morocco’s House of Representatives approved bills on the delimitation of its southern maritime borders, the Polisario Front broke its silence, lashing out at Rabat and Madrid.

In a statement, relayed Thursday, the Front’s «Foreign Committee Chairman» Mhammed Khadad said that the decision is «just another episode of Moroccan expansionism which affects the entire region».

While condemning the vote, Khadad blamed the situation on Spain, adding that «the current context is a direct consequence of the failure of Spain».

«Now there is an opportunity for democratic Spain and its progressive government to rectify this great historical error and assume its historical, legal and moral responsibilities», he argued.

Furthermore, Khadad stated that the separatist movement «will examine the measures that are adopted in the judicial procedures that it has presented before the General Court of the European Union», adding that it will «not hesitate to submit the matter to the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea».

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