Italy : Five Moroccans arrested amid dismantling of a drug trafficking network

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Five Moroccans were arrested this week in Italy in an anti-drug trafficking operation called «Sottobosco». According to Corriere Del Ticino and Giornale De Inavigli, four of them have been taken into police custody while the fifth one is being prosecuted in provisional release.

They are charged with trafficking drugs in certain municipalities of the provinces of Como, Lecco and Monza Brianza. This investigation began with the discovery of a cell phone and a few doses of hashish in a car, which was abandoned by two men after a police chase.

After examining the cell phone’s recordings, police found its owner and his dealer's network. The man was then arrested in July. «New investigations have identified the five Moroccan nationals and brought them to justice», said the authorities in a statement. A woman is among the five Moroccan nationals.

Two of the people arrested are believed to be «asylum seekers for humanitarian reasons». They had, at the time of their arrest, «17 mobile phones, 14 phone cards and 1,000 euros in cash», conclude the two Italian newspapers.

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