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Dutch railways denies a populist politician’s claim of «Moroccans» harassing two women

The leader of Forum for Democracy (FvD) Thierry Baudet. / DR
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Dutch state-owned company Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) denied a claim the leader of Forum for Democracy (FvD) posed on social media about female passengers «harassed by four Moroccans on a train» Friday, NL Times reports.

The company said that the four «Moroccans» were its employees accompanied by a police officer who were checking the two women’s tickets, it added, quoting Dutch broadcaster NOS.

NS’ response came after Thierry Baudet, who has been leading the right-wing party since 2016, wrote on his Twitter account that «two dear friends [of him] were seriously harassed by four Moroccans on a train».

«Making a declaration is of course completely useless. Oh dear, childishly naive Dutch! Finally vote for change. Break free from politically correct bull***t! Save the country», he added.

However, the Politician’s claim was widely denounced on social media. Several people who were on the same train said that his version of the story was «untrue», the newspaper explained.  

A spokesperson from NS told NOS that the men, identified as «Moroccans» by the politician, were NS inspectors in civilian clothing who approached the two women to ask for their tickets, adding that it is «not a noteworthy incident».

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