Morocco improves position in the Global Firepower military strength index

Morocco is ranked 56th in the Global Firepower military strength index for 2020. Ranked third in North Africa and seventh in the Arab World, the Kingdom had improved its rating in the annual report.

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The Global Firepower’s Military Strength Index has once again ranked Morocco’s military strength. For 2020, the North African Kingdom is ranked 56th out of the 138 countries considered for annual review.

Released in February, the report gives Morocco’s military strength a rating of 0.8244 while a 0.0000 score is considered perfect. Based on 50 individual factors to determine a given nation’s Power Index score with categories ranging from military might and financials to logistical capability and geography, the index ranks Morocco third in North Africa.

Indeed, the region is headed by Egypt, ranked 10th globally and Algeria 28th. In the Maghreb region, Morocco is second behind Algeria and ahead of Tunisia 78th, Libya 80th and Mauritania 128th.

In the Arab World, Morocco ranks 7th, headed by military strong countries, including Saudi Arabia 17th, the United Arab Emirates 46th, Syria 49th and Iraq 58th. The country is ranked ahead of Jordan 72nd, Yemen 75th, Oman 82nd, Kuwait 89th, Bahrain 98th and Qatar 100th.

Morocco's military strength

Compared to previous years, Morocco has moved up in the ranking by four spots, moving from 60th in 2019 to 56th in 2020.

Giving more details about the military strength of the Kingdom, the Global Firepower index indicates that the country has 14,532,034 fit-for service people and 604,533 people reaching military age annually. It also reports that the Kingdom has an estimated number of 510,000 military personnel, including 310,000 active personnel. According to the same report, the country has 200,000 reserve personnel.

Global Firepower reports that Morocco owns 1,443 tanks, 2,901 armored vehicles, 505 self-propelled artillery, 200 towed artillery and 144 rocket projections. It also possesses 64 helicopters, 3 frigates, 4 corvettes, and 105 patrols. The same report stresses that Morocco’s defense budget is estimated at USD 10,000,000,000.

The annual report has been topped by the United States of America, which comes first ahead of Russia 2nd, China 3rd, India 4th, and Japan 5th. Egypt is the only African and Arab country that made it to the ranking’s top 10.

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