Mocro-maffia : Said Razzouki, right-hand man of Ridouan Taghi, arrested in Colombia

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Said Razzouki and Ridouan Taghi. / DR

One of the most wanted criminals in the Netherlands, Said Razzouki was arrested Friday night in Colombia, in a building in Medellin, in the north of the country.

On Saturday, Dutch police announced Saturday that this Dutch-Moroccan, considered the right-hand man of Ridouan Taghi, was also the subject of an international arrest warrant for murder and drug trafficking.

Razzouki, 47, born in Morocco on June 1, 1972, is one of the main suspects involved in a big trial in the Netherlands for five murders and several attempted murders.

Together with Ridouan Taghi, they had attracted international attention in September when the lawyer of a key witness in the case was shot dead near his home in Amsterdam.

The police had promised a 100,000 euros reward in exchange for information that could lead to the arrest of Said Razzouki.

The Dutch prosecution announced Saturday that it had requested Razzouki’s extradition from the Colombian authorities. «The procedure is expected to take some time», the police said.

Ridouan Taghi, an alleged leader of a cocaine trafficking gang, was arrested in Dubai, UAE, in December before being transferred to the Netherlands during the same month.

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