The UK’s ambassador to Morocco lambasts the country’s national carrier RAM

In a series of tweets, the United Kingdom’s ambassador to Morocco Thomas Reilly took to Twitter to denounce the delay of his two RAM flights. On social media, he complained about the company’s «lack of information”.

The United Kingdom's ambassador to Morocco Thomas Reilly. / DR
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The United Kingdom’s ambassador to Morocco Thomas Reilly took to Twitter, Monday, to complain about the delay of his London-bound flight. In a Twitter thread, the ambassador said that his Royal Air Maroc (RAM) flight from Morocco was «delayed» and that he had received «no explanations nor apologies» from the country’s national carrier.

Flying to London for a private trip, Reilly revealed that even when trying to return to the Kingdom, his flight was delayed and was not at Gatwick airport on time. «Storm Clara arrived. After my last tweets, RAM asked me not to share my complaints on Twitter. So, I contacted RAM's head office for information yesterday before leaving my parents’ place», he wrote on Twitter.

The ambassador said that despite his multiple attempts, he did not receive an answer from RAM. Once at the airport, Sunday, about to catch his Morocco-bound flight, the ambassador realized that most flights were delayed, including the RAM one, due to the storm.

However, he stressed that the RAM flight landed in Nantes, France, and that none of the passengers have been informed about it. «Instead of letting us know that the flight was canceled, RAM continued to post flight schedules on and on, although the plane was still in Nantes. I sent another request for information to RAM but in vain», he said.  

The top UK diplomat in Morocco said in his Twitter thread that by the end of the afternoon, RAM announced that its flight would not be able to make it to Gatwick airport near London, and that passengers would be transported to hotels for the night. The flight was rescheduled for the next day, according to the ambassador who complained about «the lack of customer service, the lack of information, the lack of respect and the lack of admissibility that is unacceptable».

Contacted by Yabiladi, the UK's ambassador to Morocco said that he had «no comment» on the matter. 

RAM replies to the ambassador

RAM ended up replying to the ambassador on Twitter, explaining that it is «sincerely sorry for the out of control inconvenience, largely caused by storm Ciara». The national carrier added that it had published detailed explanations about the delay.

A well-informed source close to RAM told Yabiladi, Monday, that the ambassador’s tweets «ethically engage the institution for which he works», adding that «it is not normal for him to take personal positions». «He is someone who represents a country and who has a function», the source, which requested anonymity, stressed.

«The delay is normal because it is due to the fog. All airlines, without exception, have had their flights delayed or canceled due to this situation», the same source said, adding that : «Frequently criticizing RAM in a way that seems persistent, raises questions».

«RAM warns its customers like all companies, in a systematic way. Since he always complains about the company, if he is dissatisfied and only has mishaps with RAM, he is free to fly with another airline», the same source concluded.

For the record, the British ambassador took to Twitter several times in the past to complain about the national carrier.

Article modified on : 2020/02/11 12h17

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