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A court confirms four-year prison sentence against Moroccan YouTuber Moul Kaskita

Moroccan YouTuber Moul Kaskita. / DR
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An appeal court in Settat confirmed, Tuesday, a four-year prison sentence against Moroccan YouTuber Mohamed Sekkaki, also knowns as «Moul Kaskita».  

The Settat-based YouTuber was sentenced to four years in prison and fined 40,000 dirhams, despite having apologized to the King and the public for the video he had been tried for, Arabic-language newspaper Al3omk reports.

After a series of hearings, Moul Kaskita, was sentenced by a first instance court, in December, to four years in prison.

Moul Kaskita was arrested on December 1, 2019, one day after he posted a video on his YouTube channel. The prosecutor had charged Moul Kaskita for «insulting the public, obscene behavior, drug possession and contempt of constitutional institutions».

Several complaints were lodged against the YouTuber because of said video. The Complaints have allegedly been withdrawn later. Last week, his lawyer Souad Brahma said that his client was facing an additional charge : «insulting the King».

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