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UK : An irregular immigrant can’t return to Morocco because no one knows who he is

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An irregular immigrant, who says he is from Morocco, is unable to return home because the British and Moroccan authorities have no idea who he is, Mirror UK reported on Tuesday.

Abdelhadi Bahou-Jabour, 22, was arrested for attacking a man who had allegedly «racially abused him in a nightclub» in Leicester City Centre, UK. Bahou-Jabour told the judges that he possesses a fake identity card.

His lawyer said that Bahou Jabour wants to return to Morocco, where his family lives. The Moroccan authorities, however, said that they «have no evidence to support his claim to Moroccan nationality and therefore will not grant him permission to enter the country».

«He is a Moroccan national who came into the country in the back of a lorry in 2016. Initially, he was sent by the authorities to Belfast where he was caught with some false documents. He spent 18 months in custody because they didn’t know what to do with him or where to send him», his lawyer said.

«The Moroccan authorities have done an assessment and say he is not one of their nationals. He is in the position where nobody seems to know what to do with him. All he wants to do is to go home to his family», he added.

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