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Netanyahu’s senior aide stirs controversy with comments about «non-Ashkenazi» voters

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. / DR
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Israeli Prime Minister’s senior aide Natan Eshel has stirred controversy in Israel after he slammed «non-Ashkenazi» voters. Two days before Israelis head to polling stations, comments by Eshel, former Netanyahu's chief of staff, were leaked to media.

«This public, which I call non-Ashkenazi … What gets them worked up? Why do they hate the press? … They hate everything and we have succeeded in whipping up that hatred. Hatred is what unites our camp», Eshel said, according to Ynet.

The official was also heard criticizing the Israeli Minister of Culture and Sport Miriam Regev, who was born to Moroccan parents, calling her «stupid» and comparing her to a «beast». He allegedly said that the minister is «excellent at stirring up Likud supporters». Eshel’s words made several politicians react and made headlines during the weekend.

The day after the spread of his recordings, Natan Eshel tried to explain his comments about Jews from the Maghreb, saying that they were «taken out of context». Eshel refused to apologize saying that he is a «proud grandfather to Moroccan grandkids».

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