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A court in Italy quashes a ruling against a Moroccan convicted of terrorism

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The Supreme Court of Cassation has quashed a sentence handed by an Appeal Court against Moroccan national Mehdi Hamil. The latter was accused of terrorism, according to Gazetta Del Sud.

Italy’s Supreme Court of Cassation ruled that links between the man in question and the terrorism organization (ISIS) have not been identified.

Residing in Luzzi since 2006, Mehdi Hamil was indeed sentenced for self-training for terrorist purposes, in January 2016. At the time, local police had declared that this arrest is «one of the first applications of the new law of 2015, which punishes the self-training of a person for the purposes of international terrorism».

Hamil was accused of being a «foreign fighter», who allegedly tried to reach Syria to join ISIS. He was arrested near the Turkish border and was extradited to Italy. Hamil was sentenced later to four and a half years in prison.

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