Iran accuses Morocco and Arab countries of undermining its efforts to fight coronavirus

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Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Abbas Mousavi. / DR

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Abbas Mousavi «severely criticized» the fact that some of the member states of the Non-Aligned Movement are «undermining attempts» to unite this group of countries.

Quoted by the news agency Tasnim News, the Iranian diplomat assured that the coronavirus is a world challenge, which all the countries should be able to fight, «without any obstacles».

On Wednesday, his ministry referred in a press release to «obstacles encountered by Iran in the fight against the coronavirus», adding that the Iranian diplomacy had urged the Republic of Azerbaijan, which presides the body, to make its members state «lift the unilateral American embargo on Iran».

Iran called on the non-aligned countries to ask the United States to cancel this imposed measure and allow Iran to fight the spread of this pandemic.

Abbas Mousavi thus accused Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Morocco of «taking an irresponsible position», accusing them of «trying to defeat the movement's consensus in favor of Iranian demand».

He also expressed regret for «the positions of some Arab and Islamic governments neighboring Iran while standing up against the Iranian people in these dangerous circumstances».

The number of those who died from the virus reached 1,135 on Wednesday in Iran, while 17,361 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus have been recorded in that country.

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