Covid-19 : Morocco to fine and sentence those who break the state of health emergency

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Head of Morocco's government Saadeddine El Othmani. / DR

The Moroccan government adopted, Sunday, a draft decree-law related to the state of health emergency declared to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

Any violation of this decree-law is punished with a prison sentence of between one and three months and/or a fine ranging from 300 to 1,300 dirhams.

The new law authorizes the government to take, exceptionally and as a matter of urgency, financial, social and environmental measures capable of contributing directly in the fight against the negative effects caused by the proclamation of the state of emergency.

This decree comes into force upon its adoption without waiting for it to be examined by the two Houses of Parliament.

Indeed, article 81 of the Constitution allows the government to «take, between sessions (the spring session does not start until the 2nd Friday in April, editor's note), with the agreement of the relevant committees of the two Chambers, decree-laws to be submitted for ratification during the next ordinary session of Parliament. The draft legislative decree is deposited on the office of the House of Representatives».

The adoption of this text comes after Moroccan cities experienced unauthorized rallies on Saturday evening.

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