Canada repatriates 444 of its nationals stranded in Morocco amid coronavirus outbreak

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444 Canadian tourists, who were stranded in Morocco amid coronavirus outbreak, have finally been repatriated after the pandemic forced emergency airport closures.

According to Montreal CTVNews, Air Canada posted pictures and videos of the Canadian passengers as they landed at Pierre Trudeau Airport in Dorval. In a Facebook post, Air Canada said that the plane, which carried 444 passengers, was «the first of [its] special flights to bring Canadian citizens home».

Canadian nationals stranded in Morocco created a Facebook page called «Stuck in Morocco», voicing their fears and posting updates on their attempts to find a way out of the Kingdom.

While some of the posts referred to the travel ban between cities, others complained about the expensive taxi rides and hotel closures.

For the record, Air Canada announced on Friday that it is sending a special flight to repatriate Canadians stuck in Morocco.

«Air Canada said Friday that the return flight was only for Canadian citizens, permanent residents and members of their immediate family holding a valid travel document and that all passengers will undergo a health screening before boarding the aircraft», the same source explained.

Passengers with coronavirus symptoms «will be denied boarding unless they can present a medical certificate confirming any symptoms are not related to COVID-19», the airline said in a news release.

Morocco has suspended air and sea travel amid coronavirus outbreak. The country has also declared a state of health emergency, restricting movement, to avoid the spread of the virus.  

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