The Polisario takes advantage of the coronavirus crisis to criticize Morocco

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Head of Polisario, Brahim Ghali. / DR

Even at the time of a pandemic, the Polisario Front misses no opportunity to criticize Morocco. On Sunday, the secretary general of the separatist movement sent yet another letter to the US Secretary-General. A letter sent to «draw the attention of Antonio Guterres to the dangerous situation in which Sahrawi civilian prisoners find themselves in Moroccan prisons».

In his letter, Ghali urged the UN to «intervene urgently to immediately release» these prisoners and «avoid» a «humanitarian tragedy in prisons, in the light of the spread of the new coronavirus».

«With the escalation of the coronavirus pandemic in various parts of the world, including the Kingdom of Morocco, the situation of these prisoners is worrying», the letter read.

He explained, without ever having set foot in a Moroccan prison that «the spread of the epidemic and the urgent measures are in total contradiction with the situation in which these civilian prisoners are found in Moroccan prisons reputed for being overcrowded».

«The international community cannot remain indifferent to such contempt for human life», he concluded in his letter.

For the record, the General Directorate of Prison Administration and Reintegration announced last week a series of measures precisely aimed at fighting the spread of the new coronavirus.

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