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Suspected of murdering a Malta man, a Moroccan arrested in Casablanca

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A Moroccan national, suspected of killing a 62-year-old man in Malta, was arrested in Morocco after he fled the archipelago, Times of Malta wrote on Monday.

The 37-year-old suspect was arrested after the police discovered the body of the victim on March 17. The Moroccan was arrested in Casablanca two days after the victim’s body was found in a garbage bag in his apartment bathroom.

The suspect is believed to «have been sharing the apartment with the victim, when the murder took place», the same source explained.

The body was discovered after neighbors called the police, complaining about a foul smell coming from the apartment.

The Moroccan is expected to be extradited to Malta to go to court, the same source said, adding that the extradition may be complicated due to the grounding of aircraft because of the coronavirus outbreak.

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