Back to her country, an Italian pays tribute to the family who hosted her in Meknes

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Giulia Benvenuto with two of her classmates with a Moroccan family in Meknes. / Corriere

Giulia Benvenuto returned to Italy last week after she was stranded in Morocco. The 22-year-old Italian left Meknes, in northern Morocco, at 2 a.m. on Saturday. After she arrived in Malpensa on Sunday afternoon, on one of the few planes that have been authorized to leave Morocco, the Italian decided to thank the Moroccan family that welcomed her after having been blocked in Morocco.

«Giulia risked being one of the victims of the new bureaucracy created by coronavirus, a prisoner of international bans in Morocco which has applied a strict quarantine», wrote Corriere.

«It happened much more drastically and immediately than in European countries. You can see the difference in the way a political regime like Morocco acts compared to our governments», said the young woman. 

Fortunately, for her, the Italian was «generously welcomed into the house of Hamid Sellak and his mother Saadia Zahiri». «They shared their daily life with me in Meknes», said the student at the Boston College in the United States.

In Morocco with classmates as part of her training since January, she said she was «banned from boarding» a flight set up for the Americans last week, because of «Trump's ban targeting Italian nationals».

But this experience is quickly erased thanks to the «generosity» of the Moroccan family. Giulia even assures that the first thing she will do as soon as everything returns to normal will be to «return to Morocco». «Not everyone can count on two families», the media concludes.

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