Moroccan specialists manufacture homemade medical devices to help cope with Covid-19

«Our nation needs our unity», a slogan chosen by a group of young people with technical and medical expertise, to launch an initiative called «Engineering v. Covid-19 Morocco». Their one goal is to help their homeland fight the pandemic, in their own way.

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A group of young Moroccans created a network to help slow the spread of coronavirus. They are seeking the help, know-how and expertise of several specialists to build the equipment needed to fight the virus. 27-year-old art and craft engineer Khalid Ezzemani, told Yabiladi about the initiative.

What is the initiative and what is its main objective?

We had the idea after Morocco declared a state of health emergency, which forced all of us to stay home. We are trying to seize this period by doing things that can help the country during these difficult times and benefiting from each other’s experiences and expertise.

The initiative’s objective is not material, but rather voluntary and from our own pocket.

Did you manage to get others participate to the initiative?

We first launched an appeal for those who can and are interested in joining the initiative. We have identified the capabilities that each of us has. We were able to form a network that includes doctors, engineers, contractors, programmers and technicians across multiple disciplines, whose sole goal is to find quick, preventive and effective solutions that can help Moroccans who have to work outside. The list includes health workers, bankers and other key employees.

We developed the initial model to define things that we can make, such as protective masks, face shields, as well as artificial respirators and fans. Then, we did the same with materials that are available to each of us or in Morocco, such as 3D printers, laser machines and plexiglass.

We found that we can start at the beginning by making face shields, because they are easy to manufacture and do not require much. Also because we can make large quantities of them.

We work in a decentralized way. We have cells in different Moroccan cities, in order to reduce transportation, respect the rules of the lockdown and take advantage of the resources and capabilities of each region.

What is your main ambition?

We aspire to be able, by the end of this week, or next week, to reach factories that can help us produce these shields in large quantities. Some of them have already been distributed in various hospitals.

Also, these factories should be in direct contact with the Ministry of Health. We plan to move on to the manufacture of 3D masks, followed by artificial respiration devices. For the latter, we are currently working on the design, using the models available in Morocco and those that were developed abroad. Specialists will assist all of these plans.

Did you receive any aid?

We still need a bunch of materials as well as experienced people who can help, to make this initiative a success. The more we are, the more we can achieve our goal of helping our country overcome this ordeal. We launched an appeal to everyone who could help. We are open to any suggestions. We are also at the disposal of the Ministries of Health and Industry.

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