The Council of Europe to help two Moroccan association create their websites

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The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities’ co-operation program, affiliated to the Council of Europe, is providing support for the development of websites for Moroccan associations, as part of it cooperation activities in the Kingdom.

The Council of Europe reported, Thursday, that the Congress will help «two partner associations of elected representatives», namely the Association of Regions of Morocco (ARM) and the Moroccan Association of Presidents of Prefectural and Provincial Councils (AMPCPP).

The initiative was launched in March 2020 and it includes the financial support of Norway in the framework of the Council of Europe Neighborhood Partnership with Morocco (2018-2021).

The objective of this operation is to «contribute to strengthening communication capacities of the two associations».

«The new platforms will allow for a better dissemination of information on the associations’ activities to members and citizens in order to improve their knowledge of priorities for action and facilitate the dialogue between different actors in the context of regionalization and decentralized co-operation, including between the central, regional and local levels of government», it said.

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