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Spanish police use drone to spot suspected drug traffickers heading to Morocco

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Relying on a drone, police in Andalucía, Spain, were able to track down on drug traffickers that were heading out to sea to «stock up on hashish» in Morocco.

In a press release, police said that two suspects were spotted in a 10-foot dinghy sailing through the Donana National Park area. «The suspects jumped into the Guadalquivir River to try to get away as soon as they realized they were being watched, but police were waiting at the river edge», police said.

«The boat, a 10-metre-long semi-rigid inflatable boat, was heading out to sea, presumably to go to Morocco and stock up on hashish and return to Spain».


The operation was part of the National police's efforts to detect drug gangs sailing using the river to get to the sea and unload drugs.

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