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Moroccan suspected of terrorism may have plotted an attack against Barca-Real classico

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On May 8, a joint operation led by the FBI, Moroccan intelligence officers and the Spanish police arrested a «profoundly radicalized» Moroccan who was plotting attacks targeting Barcelona during the country’s strict coronavirus lockdown.

Five days after his arrest, investigators revealed that the suspect was reportedly planning a knife attack during a match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

«The arrested man had used social media to proclaim his loyalty to ISIS and his hatred for the West. Surveillance officers noticed that he had begun to disregard the lockdown rules set out in the state of emergency on a regular basis, and that he was taking important security measures as he ventured around Barcelona, suggesting he was carrying out a possible search for targets», police said after his arrest earlier this month.

The suspect has been living in Barcelona for ten years. Four years ago, the Spanish police became concerned with his behavior.

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