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The repatriation of Moroccans stranded in Melilla to start on Friday

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Stranded in Melilla for almost two months due to the coronavirus health crisis, a group of Moroccans will finally be able to return home. Some of them confirmed to Yabiladi that a repatriation operation is bringing 200 nationals, namely women, children, senior and sick people, to Morocco on Friday.

«Having heard of this possibility, several young people headed to the Beni Ensar border crossing», a Moroccan stranded in Melilla told Yabiladi. On the same day, Spanish radio station Cadena SER reported that a group of Moroccan nationals will be repatriated, Friday, following royal instructions. It also reported that the repatriation operation to start at 3pm.

Meanwhile, Spanish news agency EFE wrote that 200 Moroccans will be allowed to cross the border today while 300 others will follow suit in the coming days.

Yesterday, Thursday, the lifeless body of a Moroccan national , also stranded in Melilla, was found near the Toros square.

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