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A GNV boat to repatriate Dutch-Moroccans still stranded in Morocco

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The repatriation of dual nationals to their countries of residence continues. Thus, Tuesday, March 19, a GNV boat is to leave the port of TangerMED towards Genoa (Italy), with Dutch-Moroccans onboard, as well as their vehicles registered in Europe.

According to the Facebook page of the Dutch Embassy in Morocco, passengers can «get off in Barcelona», although the option is still under consideration.

For the Dutch-Moroccan nationals concerned with this measure, the Embassy of the Netherlands in Morocco recalls that travelers will need a «special certificate» to be able to travel with their vehicles towards the TangerMED port, as Morocco is in a state of health emergency. The certificate can be requested from the embassy by sending an email to [email protected]

The embassy stresses however that «this declaration is not a circulation permit», as only the Moroccan authorities can issue one. «With the declaration and your ticket, you can obtain a Moroccan circulation permit from the local authorities», the embassy concluded.

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