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Israel's new government members are mostly of Moroccan origin

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Israel has sworn in a unity government after months of waiting, with right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu serving for another 18 months. The new government includes a number of Israeli politicians with Moroccan descent.

Amir Peretz, a Morocco-born politician, is part of the new government. Born in Bejaad in 1952, the leader of the Labor Party, has been appointed Minister of Economy. Peretz has also served before as Minister of Defence and Minister of Environmental Protection and visited the Moroccan parliament in October 2017.

The Interior and Development of the Negex and Galilee Ministry was entrusted to Arié Dery, one of Shas' founders. Dery was born on February 17, 1959, in Meknes.

Israeli lawyer, former Shin Bet official and politician Amir Ohana was named Israel’s Minister of Public Security. He was born in 1976 in Beersheva to a Moroccan family.

Former Brigadier-general in the Israel Defense Forces Miri Regev was named Minister of Transportation. She was born in Israel to a Moroccan father.

Orly Levy-Abekasis from the Gesher Party, created in 1996 by her father David Levy, was appointed by Prime Minister Netanyahu for the newly created post of Minister for Community Empowerment and Advancement. The minister is the daughter of Rabat-born David Levy who had visited Morocco in January 2000 to discuss the peace process in the Middle East with Mohamed Benaissa and André Azoulay.

Other ministers of Moroccan origin are also part of the new Netanyahu cabinet, such as Raphy Peretz (Jewish Home Party), Minister of Heritage, Meirav Cohen (Blue and White Party) as Minister for Social Equality and David Amsalem (Likoud) as Minister for Cyber and National Digital Matters and in charge of relations with the parliament (Knesset).

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