Two ferries to repatriate British tourists with vehicles from Morocco

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The United Kingdom is organizing another repatriation operation to bring home its nationals stranded in Morocco. On Thursday, a ferry is expected to repatriate 122 British tourists, linking Tangier to Malaga.

«Our ferry is now en route for Tangier», the Biritish ambassador to Morocco Thomas Reilly wrote, Wednesday, on his Twitter account. «It will depart tomorrow for Malaga. We have 122 confirmed bookings so far. 58 places remain. If you are an EU national with a vehicle in the north of Morocco and would like to catch this ferry, please contact your Embassy now», he added.

The British embassy indicated that the repatriation operation will be operated by Balearia. It also stressed that «this ferry departure is still subject to approval from the Moroccan and Spanish authorities which the British Embassy is urgently working on».

The embassy added that a GNV ferry will help British tourists with vehicles to travel from Tangier to Sete, France on May 26.

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