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The repatriation of Moroccans stranded in Ceuta to start on Friday

Moroccans stranded in Ceuta. / El Faro de Ceuta
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The first phase of the repatriation operation of Moroccans stranded in Ceuta, previously scheduled for the beginning of this week, has been resumed. The Ceuta government delegation confirmed, Thursday, that a group of stranded Moroccans will be repatriated on Friday, May 22.

Quoted by local newspaper Ceuta Actualidad, the government delegation in Ceuta reported that the number of Moroccans to be repatriated and the extact dates will be revealed this afternoon.

The association «Ceuta Residents» has already announced that 300 to 400 people will leave for Morocco, the same source added.

Meanwhile, Hassan El Bakkali, a Moroccan who is stranded in Ceuta, said that «there has not yet been a reaction on the side of Morocco». «Nobody contacted us», he said, noting that the operation must in theory be carried out by the prefecture of M'diq-Fnideq. He said that «the buses (arrived from Morocco, editor's note) are still parked at a station near the Customs».

«We are 100 people in a group on WhatsApp so we will have the information as soon as it is confirmed, but in my opinion, the repatriation will be done in phases, prioritizing the elderly and pregnant women or those who have young children», he concluded.

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