Moroccans repatriated from Melilla leave quarantine to be with their families

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Ph. Melilla Hoy

After an eight-day quarantine in Saidia, Moroccans repatriated from Melilla have finally been allowed to return home and be with their families. Contacted by Yabiladi, some of them who live in the Oriental region said that they were reunited with their loved ones on Saturday.

«On Thursday, we underwent a second coronavirus test and tested negative. On Friday evening, we started packing to go home and on Saturday morning it happened», a returnee told Yabiladi.

However, he recalled that many other Moroccans are still stranded in Melilla. «The makeshift tent set up there, the mosque that houses women and children and the Placa de Toros are still full of our compatriots who have not been repatriated yet», he said. 

On May 15, the first phase of the repatriation operation of Moroccans stranded in Melilla home started. The latter was launched after one of the stranded women in the autonomous city was found dead. After crossing the border the group of Moroccans was taken to a resort in Saidia for a compulsory quarantine.

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