Second repatriation wave of Moroccans stranded in Ceuta

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The second repatriation operation of Moroccans stranded in Ceuta. / Ph. Ceuta TV

On Saturday evening, buses to repatriate Moroccans stranded in the reception area of La Libertad were mobilized around the customs in Ceuta, to bring the Moroccan nationals who did not benefit from the first operation earlier this week. After more than two months of being stranded due to the travel restrictions amid the novel coronavirus, all the returnees will be required to observe a compulsory sanitary confinement, before being able to join their homes.

«Everything is ready in the La Libertad pavilion for the possible departure of the Moroccans tonight», Ceuta TV reports. The repatriation would have started late at night. According to the same source, the exceptional measures would concern a total of one hundred Moroccan nationals. Among them, 55 would have been accommodated at La Libertad while 45 of them would have been accommodated by individuals, friends or relatives.

The beneficiaries of these measures had their names appear on a list drawn up by the local government delegation and approved by Morocco. Some of the passengers are also dual nationals with Spanish citizenship, Ceuta TV adds.

On Friday, the repatriation operations were criticized by Moroccans who were left behind, and who pointed to a supposed favoritism in the inclusion of beneficiaries of the operation.

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