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Ceuta : Sixty Moroccans have not been repatriated

The repatriation operation of Moroccans stranded in Ceuta on May 23. / La Verdad de Ceuta
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At least a hundred Moroccans stranded in Ceuta were expected to be repatriated on Saturday night. However, only 40 of them were able to cross the border.

The list, which included the names of the would-be returnees, would have been full of irregularities, as some Moroccan nationals were not mentioned in it, well-informed sources told Yabiladi.

About sixty nationals had to get off the buses that were to take them outside the enclave. «Some of them refused to go back to their cities of origin because they are working in Ceuta, they were worried about not being able to return immediately», the same source added. «Others are among those who manage to cross the border without having their passports stamped, which automatically excluded them from the operation even though they could prove that they live in neighboring cities».

Faced with the withdrawal of some nationals who would have refused this repatriation, the Ceuta authorities tried to propose «an alternative list». According to local government sources cited by Ceuta TV, it was not retained by Moroccan authorities, since it had not been validated and verified upstream.

On Saturday, a hundred Moroccans stranded in Ceuta were to be repatriated. They are among those who did not benefit from the first repatriation phase, organized last week.

The last returnees were taken to hotels in M'diq, where they are required to observe a quarantine.

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