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Morocco's head of government switches to GMT + 1 one week ahead of schedule

Head of Government Saadeddine El Othmani. / DR
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Observing Ramadan in the middle of a global health crisis was tiresome for many of us. It was even more so for the head of government Saadeddine El Othmani and his community manager who no longer know what day it is or what time zone we are in. 

On Sunday morning, Eid al Fitr, El Othmani tweeted on his official account, announcing that Moroccans should switch their clocks back to GMT+1 tonight, while it was actually scheduled for May 31.

Did the community manager get caught in the automatic time change on their smartphone like many Moroccans who woke this morning wondering what time it really was ? 

What is certain is that the government announcement plunged Moroccan citizens into deep uncertainty. GMT or GMT +1? No one understands why we switch to winter time in the middle of spring.

The time change is scheduled for May 31, 2020, at 2 am. You will need to add 60 minutes, if your smartphone does not do so automatically.

El Othmani’s tweet was subsequently deleted and a new one was published.

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