Moroccans who refused repatriation will be expelled from Ceuta  

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A group of Moroccans, who was confined at a sports facility in Ceuta amid the coronavirus crisis, will be expelled from the autonomous city.

The group was removed from the facility as part of the expulsion process, Ceuta Actualidad reported on Tuesday, quoting the government delegation.

Earlier this the morning, Ceuta TV reported that the national police is carrying out the process and started by identifying the Moroccans who refused repatriation and were staying at the sports facility.

These Moroccans, who will be expelled from the city, «are those who refused to return to their country this weekend after being included in the list of returnees that the Moroccan and Spanish authorities had agreed on», the same source explained.

«It was the Red Cross that compiled the two lists, which include those who continue to be accommodated in the sports center, others who want to return to Morocco as well as those who intend to stay in Ceuta. The ones who want to stay have been identified and will be expelled once the border is opened», Ceuta TV explained.

The measure was adopted after the government delegation and the city authorities agreed, Monday, that the sports center, which housed these nationals, will be closed next week.

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