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Stranded in Turkey, former Moroccan ISIS fighters demand repatriation

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A group of Moroccans tranded in Turkey has been demanding repatriation. They are Moroccan nationals who have joined the ranks of ISIS before it declined. After they took refuge in Turkey, they want to be brought back home.

On Facebook, they launched an appeal, calling the Moroccan authorities to «consider» their repatriation. They claim that they «have never adopted an ideology or a tendency to harm their county and its interests».

They also reported that their stay in Turkey is irregular. Some of them are married to Syrians and have children.

These former ISIS fighters claim that joining the terrorist organization was the result of an alleged communication campaign carried out by Arab TV channels. They referred in particular to Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya, which they accuse of having pushed them to join Syria on the grounds of «supporting the revolution».

For the record, a group of Sunni scholars organized in June 2013 in Egypt with the participation of former President Mohamed Morsi, launched an appeal for «the holy war» in Syria. An appeal rejected, moreover, by Moroccan Salafists , such as Omar El Haddouchi and Mohamed El Fizazi.

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