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Moroccan women stranded in Melilla to be transferred to a sports facility

Melilla's Muslim cemetery. / DR
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The Plaza de Toros, a sports facility in Melilla, is expected to accommodate Moroccan women stranded in the city and previously housed by the Muslim cemetery. The action comes after one of these women was allegedly sexually assaulted.

According to local online newspaper El Faro de Melilla, the Minister of Social Policies in Melilla Mohamed Mohand said that he had agreed to have Moroccan women stranded in the enclave moved to the facility.

This measure will be taken as these women are afraid of staying in that place after the incident.

According to Mohand, the Islamic Commission manages the Muslim cemetery, which served as a refuge for these stranded Moroccans. «This organization does a very important job in sheltering these people», he insisted.

The decision was made after one of the women housed at the Muslim cemetery claimed that she was «sexually assaulted by a city official».  

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