Rumors surrounding air travel resumption in Morocco and RAM’s flights

For several weeks, social media has been teeming with rumors and fake news related to the reopening of borders and resumption of air travel. Update on the situation within Royal Air Maroc.

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The resumption of flights by Royal Air Maroc (RAM), Morocco’s national air carrier, is so eagerly awaited that it has become a hot topic on social media and online. In recent days, several local newspapers have written about preparations reportedly undertaken to repatriate thousands of Moroccans stranded abroad due to coronavirus travel bans, and referred to flights operated by RAM. The rumors have been circulating since April, yet no repatriation flight has left the Kingdom to this day.

Indeed, an authorized source within RAM told Yabiladi on Thursday that «there is no current preparations for the repatriation of Moroccans stranded abroad within RAM», which, according to the same source, «awaits the government's directives».

«However, for these repatriation flights, you must request authorization from the authorities of the countries where these flights would be headed, as well as getting a fleet, pilots, and the crew ready, all while respecting sanitary measures».

An authorized source within RAM


More recently, the rumors have been backed by a screenshot of an email sent to RAM pilots and leaked to social media. The latter urged pilots to get ready to perform flight simulations.

The same source indicates that the content of the email was authentic but does not mean that flights would be resumed, stressing that it a normal exercise. «These are ordinary exercises that pilots are forced to do to stay ready», the same source revealed.

While the repatriation of stranded Moroccans has not yet been conducted, several newspapers claimed that flights have been sent abroad to bring these nationals home. Sources told Hespress on Thursday that a flight by the national company would have been organized for Italy.

«According to sources familiar with the matter, this is an exceptional flight, organized from Mohammed V airport in Casablanca, for the benefit of Moroccans residing in Italy, stranded in the Kingdom, after the borders were closed for more than two months», it reported. The same sources indicate that «several other exceptional flights are to be planned for the benefit of Moroccans residing abroad and stranded in Morocco».

However, the news were categorically denied. «It is not a RAM flight contrary to what was reported in the article», the same source added.

Booking tickets

Tired of waiting for a possible repatriation operation, some internet users believe that, in June, borders would be reopened and flights would be resumed. The assumption is based on RAM's website which features available flights during June, with prices and destinations.

Yet this is a fallacy. Our source explains that «the system must continue to display prices for all companies by following the
reference date communicated by the DGAC (Directorate General of Civil Aviation, editor's note) for the resumption of flights, which could be extended». «No reservations are possible at the moment», the same source warned.

The hope that the national carrier's flights would resume in the coming days yet stands.

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