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A Moroccan stranded in Ceuta wants to be immediately repatriated to attend her daughter’s funeral

Zoubaida, a mother stranded in Ceuta since March. / El Faro de Ceuta
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A Moroccan stranded in Ceuta launched an appeal on social media, calling for her urgent and immediate repatriation. The woman wants to return go to Tetouan to attend the funeral of her 23-year-old daughter who has just died.

In a video shared online, the mother asks the government delegation to obtain the necessary authorizations to allow her to return to Morocco so that she can attend her daughter’s funeral.

«My 23-year-old daughter died this morning. I beg His Majesty and the Moroccan authorities to let me in so that I can see her before she is buried», she said with tears in her eyes.

«She died while I am stranded here in Ceuta and I could not see her. Please allow me to see her before she is buried», she said in the video.

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