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Moroccans repatriated from Ceuta leave quarantine

Moroccans repatriated from Ceuta. / El Faro de Ceuta
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Local authorities at the M’diq-Fnideq prefecture announced, Sunday, that the 200 Moroccans repatriated from Ceuta have left quarantine.

The returnees have been confined since last weekend in one of the tourist resorts of Tamouda Bay, local online newspaper Chamal Post reports. Their quarantine has ended after they underwent two coronavirus tests. They have all tested negative for the coronavirus and are allowed to reunite with their families.

The Moroccan authorities carried out, before Aid Al Fitr, the repatriation of two groups of Moroccans stranded since March in Ceuta. They spent more than seventy days trapped in the Spanish enclave after the authorities decided to close the border to avoid the spread of the virus. Another group of Moroccans is still stranded in Ceuta.

For the record, Morocco repatriated on Saturday 300 nationals from Algeria. Currently quarantined in a Saïdia hotel, they are still awaiting the results of their first coronavirus tests.

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