Morocco to repatriate a second group of Moroccans stranded in Algeria on Thursday

After it repatriated the first group on Saturday, Morocco is to bring home 300 of its nationals that have been stranded in Algeria since March. While in quarantine, returnees from the first group have underwent a coronavirus test.

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Days after it brought home 300 of its stranded nationals from Algeria, Morocco is organizing a second repatriation operation in Oran. Well-informed sources confirmed to Yabiladi that Rabat is bringing 300 Moroccans, who have been stranded in the neighboring country and who couldn’t benefit from the operation organized on Saturday, May 27.

«We are leaving tomorrow», one of the Moroccans stranded in Oran told Yabiladi on Wednesday. According to him, Moroccans «housed in hotels in Oran and other parts of Algeria have been informed of the operation».

«They will be picking us up from hotels and taking us to the airport», the same source reported. «The consulate took our passports and we have been told that while flying home none of our belongings can be carry-on luggage», the same source added.

Three RAM flights to repatriate 300 Moroccans

A well-informed source confirmed the news, Wednesday, to Yabiladi. «Three Royal Air Maroc planes are expected to leave Oran tomorrow, repatriating 300 Moroccans», the same source revealed.

«The flights will be operated by Boeing 737-800 aircrafts, which are identical to the ones that carried out the first repatriation operation on Saturday», the same source added, explaining that «each of these planes will be carrying 100 Moroccans from Oran to Oujda». «There will be no problem to obtain flight and landing permits from the Algerian authorities», the same source concluded.

A 14-day quarantine and coronavirus tests

Thursday’s repatriation operation is expected to be the second of its kind. On Saturday, 300 Moroccans were able to get back home after having been stranded for more than two months in Algeria. The group was repatriated via three RAM flights that landed in Oujda. The returnees were then admitted to five-star hotel Be Live Saidia, a beach near Oujda, for a mandatory quarantine.

Quarantined since Saturday, one of the returnees told Yabiladi, Wednesday, that all the repatriated Moroccan citizens «have undergone a coronavirus test on Saturday, the same day of their repatriation». «A medical team came to the hotel and took samples until 3 am», he added.

«Although this was not officially communicated to us, the medical team reassured us and said that we have all tested negative», the same source reported, adding that they are expected to undergo a second coronavirus test in the upcoming days to rule out any infection. «We have been told that the quarantine will last 14 days», the returnee concluded.

Morocco has so far repatriated a group of Moroccans stranded in Ceuta and Melilla. In total, more than 32,000 Moroccans were stranded abroad due to coronavirus travel bans.

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