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Italy : A 29-year-old Moroccan stabbed to death in Milan

Ph. / Il Corriere della sera
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A 29-year-old Moroccan was rushed to the intensive care unit at the Fatebenfratelli hospital in Milan after being stabbed in the city’s suburbs. Two hours later, the man died.

The Moroccan was stabbed during a fight that was started in a bus. He was identified through a charity card that he had in his pocket.

According to Il Corriere della sera, the fight in fact started between three or four men, all from North Africa, aboard a bus. It then continued in the street near a bus stop, where the victim was stabbed. Left lying in his blood on the sidewalk, the Moroccan was rescued by the driver of another bus, who arrived a few minutes later.

The suspects fled on foot in the rain, according to another witness. The police carried out patrols in the surrounding area and asked the transport company to acquire images from the video surveillance of the bus, where the events began.

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