Operation : Saving Private Ramid

After a first attempt to put out the fire in the Ramid / Bichr story, via the family of the deceased, it is now the lawyer who has been managing his office since 2012 who clumsily tries to exonerate the Minister of State.

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Mustapha Ramid, the current Minister of State for Human Rights and Relations with Parliament. / DR

The person who manages Mustapha Ramid’s law firm is rushing to the aid of his employer. Abdelghani Idrissi, nephew of the Minister of State, acknowledges in a clarification that his employee Jamila Bichr was indeed not registered with the National Social Security Fund.

Does the current Minister of State for Human Rights and Relations with Parliament take responsibility for it? «No», he replies. For the record, Ramid has distanced himself from his office since 2012, when he became a member of the government.

What about before 2012 ? «Mustapha Ramid was much more concerned with his political and parliamentary responsibilities than with the problems of the office. He only went there two or three times a week», he said.

In an ingenuous impulse, Idrissi swears to have not discovered that Bichr was not registered by her employer with CNSS until last year. «It was a big surprise for us and especially for Ramid who immediately ordered to get her registered with the CNSS and keep the record straight since her recruitment and to take care of all the costs including the compulsory penalties», he explained.

«The deceased, however, declined the offer and refused to give us a copy of her national identity card» to complete the formalities of her registration with the CNSS. «This prompted the office to compensate her with a 230,000-dirham sum on December 23, 2019. She kept the money and didn't put it into her bank account until February 13, 2020», the same source said.

Panic in the Ramid clan

A jerry-built story intended essentially to save Private Ramid and make him a collateral victim of a simple administrative
error. The maneuver thus attempts to exonerate the Minister of Human Rights, former Minister of Justice, from all responsibilities before the public opinion. However, the sum of 230,000 dirhams collected by Bichr on February 13, according to the version of Idrissi, does not in any way exempt Ramid from his legal obligations towards CNSS and the tax administration.

These awkward statements from Ramid's nephew, show the failure of the first attempt to put out the fire via the family of the deceased. A media outing which, for the record, tried to defend the minister's integrity. However, it threw more trouble in since it did not provide any clear answer to the question of whether or not the late Jamila Bichr was duly registered with CNSS.

Since then, the story has made headlines to the point that the PJD party has been forced to activate internal mechanisms as not to indulge in criticism. For example, the PJD's Integrity and Transparency Commission plans to question Mustapha Ramid to hear his version of the story.

If, for the moment, no inquiry has been announced by CNSS, the sanction could be political. For the record, the photos of the romantic getaway of Mustapha Yatim, then Minister of Employment, and the revelations about the marriage plans of Habib Choubani and Mrs. Soumaia Benkhaldoun had precipitated their departures from the El Othmani and Benkirane governments.

A legalized press release from the father of the deceased to whitewash Ramid

The father of the deceased published this Saturday, June 20, a press release bearing his signature and legalized with the authorities to give it an official character.

Hassan Bichr testifies that the current Minister of State for Human Rights and Relations with Parliament has entrusted his secretary with the task of completing the administrative formalities for her registration with the National Social Security Fund but that she 'did not want to do so'.

A request reiterated «recently» but still declined by his daughter, according to the father. «She even refused to give her office her photos and her national identity card», he said, joining the version given by Me. Idrissi, Ramid’s nephew.

Hassan Bichr also mentions the 230,000 dirhams that the minister gave his daughter, also revealing that the hospital costs (67,000 dirhams) were borne by Ramid.

His testimony aims to whitewash Mustapha Ramid of «all responsibility for the non-declaration» of his daughter to the CNSS. «On my behalf and on behalf of my family we thank him for his kindness towards our daughter before and during her illness. And we categorically reject and condemn all the accusations brought against him on this subject», he concludes in his written declaration, by way of absolving Mustapha Ramid's past errors.

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