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64% of young Moroccans living abroad suffer from discrimination, survey reveals

In a survey conducted by IPSOS and the CCME, young Moroccans living in Europe said that they have been discriminated against when looking for a job and accommodation.

Philippe Huguen - AFP
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The Council of the Moroccan community living abroad (CCME) unveiled, Thursday, a summary of its international survey on young Moroccan immigrants, carried out in partnership with the International Institute for Opinion Studies (IPSOS).

The study, which devotes a considerable section to discrimination in host countries, focuses on Europe and indicates that young Moroccans in these countries «consider that they find it more difficult than other young people in the country to find a job or accommodation».

The study is based on the answers of 1,433 young Moroccans aged between 18 and 35, and living in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, the six main European countries where Moroccans live.

«64% of the respondants said that they have encountered difficulties finding a job, 57% struggled to find accommodation and 42% to practice their religion», the survey revealed.

In details, the study reveals that 69% of Moroccans in Germany, 50% of those based in Belgium, 50% in Spain, 69% in France, 57% in Italy and 35% of those living in the Netherlands have been discriminated against when trying to have access to accommodation. 67% of young Moroccans in France, 65% in Belgium, 60% in Germany, 59% in Spain and 57% in Italy said that they have been subjected to discrimination while trying to find a job.

CCME stresses that 58% of young people in Germany, 57% in the Netherlands and 41% in France said that they face difficulties trying to practice their religion, while 65% of young Moroccans in Italy say they had difficulties trying to get a bank loan.

CCME against discrimination and for equal opportunities

Based on these findings, the study concludes that the responses of young Moroccans «denote that there is not a homogeneous Moroccan community but several communities, which differ according to the political and socioeconomic contexts of each host country». It also believes that «Moroccan public policies towards Moroccans around the world would then be more effective if they manage to adapt to the realities and specificities of each community».

In a statement accompanying the study, CCME Secretary General Abdellah Boussouf believes that this survey «highlights figures and realities useful in guiding Moroccan public policies towards Moroccans living abroad».

Recalling the «invisible difficulties» that young Moroccans living in Europe face, CCME thus calls on the government of Morocco to «draw the attention of European countries to the different forms of discrimination against young people of Moroccan origin during exchanges and negotiations with these countries» and «to strengthen cultural diplomacy».

It also advocates for the restructuring of the associations created by Moroccans living abroad and the strengthening of their presence within NGOs established in host countries.

Finally, the CCME also calls on the the abovementioned host countries to «protect minorities and respect the principle of equal opportunities», while responding to the political and media discourse which fuels feelings of fear and enhances stigmas.

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