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Repatriation : Spain denies having discriminated against Spanish-Moroccans

Manuel Muñiz Villa, Secretary of State for Global Spain (SEEG). / DR
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The Spanish government denied on Thursday having discriminated against Spanish citizens of Moroccan origin when organizing repatriation operations amid the coronavirus crisis. The announcement was made by the Secretary of State for Global Spain before the Foreign Affairs Committee at the Lower House.

Manuel Muñiz responded to the remarks of Mariona Illamola, the spokeswoman for the Junts party (Catalan independence coalition), Europa Press reports. The MP alleged that when organizing repatriation operations, Spain discriminated against Moroccans bearing the Spanish citizenship. A position that joins that defended by the Association of Friends of the Moroccan People (ITRAN).

On May 13, the NGO lodged a complaint before the public prosecutor's office against the Spanish government «for racial discrimination». «They only repatriated native Spaniards. This is a violation of the constitution», denounced Mohamed Alami.

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