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Stranded Moroccan man who tried to swim to the Kingdom rescued in Ceuta

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On Saturday, an agent of the Spanish Guardia Civil saved a Moroccan man from drowning on the beach of Tarajal, in Ceuta.

The events occurred around ten in the evening when the officer who was on duty in that area saw a man who was swimming to reach Morocco, Ceuta Actualidad reports.

The officer would have repeatedly called on the Moroccan to stop before alerting the Guardia Civil maritime services unit to intercept the swimmer. However, seeing that the Moroccan was swimming with increasing difficulty, the officer did not hesitate to take off his uniform, to jump into the sea and save him. Both the officer and the swimmer are in good health. 

The same source adds that this was not the first attempt of the Moroccan man to swim his way out, as he would have already tried, unsuccessfully, a few days ago the same thing.

This is not the first time that Moroccans stranded in Ceuta have tried to swim back to Morocco. In the beginning of June, 19 Moroccans defied maritime surveillance, trying to swim back to Moroccan territorial waters, but were finally intercepted on the Spanish side and placed in quarantine.

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